Request Post: Pesto Pepper Steak Bowl

A friend of mine who (oddly) has visited this cook book has requested a fresh version of a frozen meal that she enjoys. I, ever the people pleaser, have agreed to help.

Of course, I don’t know how to cook, only to google. So here’s the deal. I’m going to give you what I think is the best recipe for the components I can find, and you can go from there. How do you like THAT, friendo?

What you’re going to get here is a who’s who of favorite recipe folks, teaching you how to make some good shit, which you can combine to make a good meal.

First off – Let’s get that pepper going. It has some cool-down time, which you can use to make the Pesto. Chef John of Food Wishes is a Micah’s Cook Book all star. By far the most recipes on this thing. Looks like an early video of his…

Ok. Your pepper is in a bag cooking itself to a nice, soft, delicious state. Make the shit out of this pesto. I hope you have at least a blender. GO!

Cilantro Jalapeno is closer to whats in the original bowl. Hilah hasn’t steered me wrong yet. She can get saucy some times. You will enjoy her. Especially the early videos. Becoming a mom calmed her down a little bit. Not all the way though…

Lastly: Steak. I actually already have this one on here. Gordon Ramsay is going to help you with this one. Get a NICE New York Strip for this. It will be by far the most expensive part of the dish, but you will not regret it. Follow Gordon’s method very closely. This is my wife-to-be’s favorite thing I make. If you forget to rest the steak, you’re not my friend anymore. The steak deserves more than that.


Finally, I know you said you don’t want rice, but I really feel like this bowl won’t come together without a grain. So if you’re concerned about making it healthy, use quinoa! Or brown rice…

Try that, and let me know how it tastes. Hope you had fun!