Coq a Vin (Keto)

Food Wishes

So much flavor in this chicken dish. Every ingredient contributes to deep savory notes, which are the end result of this great project.

120 minutes


Buttermilk Pie

Food Wishes

Amazing mix between a pie, cake, and lemon custard. Serve cold. Diet after

120 minutes with crust work

Carnitas (lil’ meats!)

Food Wishes and Damn Delicious

I’m marrying two recipes for this. I used a slow cooker (DD) but all ingredients, brazing technique, etc. was taken from FW. I also added the lime from DD, along with some dried chipotle peppers. It was good. Goooooooood.

All Day – slow cooked on high 5 hrs. I broiled for 10 minutes, but 8 may have been better…

Edit – I also took chunking the meat from the FW video. I didn’t braise the butt whole. I really think this helped with both cooking and finishing this dish.