Chicken Curry Casserole

Alton Brown

Looks like a nice afternoon project with a few pre-ready ingredients (frozen veggies, puff pastry, etc.)

Guessing 120 mins


Alton Brown’s Oven Ribs

Good Eats

Vintage Alton Brown is good people. I like this recipe for a lot of reasons, but I’m too lazy to list them.

All day recipe.

Kraut Runzas

MightyNifty Cooking

Best described as a german empanada. Sub beef for turkey and you’re in business… OR maybe get some shredded beef in there… mmmmmm…. ¬†Also, maybe add some more ingredients in the filling. And spices. Lots of ways to improve this.

With dough proofing this is going to be an all day project. Meal-prep Sunday worthy.