Galette Compl├Ęte

Silently Cooking

Do I know what this is? No. Does it look awesome? Yes. Will I get it right the first time? Probably not. Am I going to keep asking myself questions? No.

Giving myself 60 mins, but I bet I could get it down with practice.

German Pancake

Found on Reddit. Credit to /u/bthoman2

Some ideas for this… mostly breakfast related

60 mins?

Throw the pan in the oven and set it to 425 so the pan heats with the oven. In a bowl whisk:

3 eggs

1/2 t salt

2 T sugar

1 cup warm milk

1 t vanilla

2 T melted butter

Once that’s all nice and mixed whisk 1 c all purpose flour into the mix and mix it very well until it’s a smooth liquid batter. Then, take the pan out of the oven.

Grease if you need to, but my pan didn’t even need to be greased.

Pour the batter in (listen to the sizzle) and then move into the oven.

Bake at 425 for 15 min then, WITHOUT OPENING THE OVEN, turn the oven to 350 and let it go another 13-15 min.

Take a peak, the pancake will deflate quite a bit when you open the oven. When brown on the edges just slide it out of the pan (again, if you have a well seasoned pan this will be super easy to do. otherwise run a knife around the edges.)

All done! You can use maple syrup, though traditionally some powdered sugar and fresh squeezed lemon tops it nicely.

It’s a big meal. This should feed two comfortably, one if you’re just a ridiculous amount of hungry.